Change the World


AdBurg produces Smart Advertising Displays and Innovative Merchandising Solutions that could be used for your Outdoor and your Indoor Advertising Campaigns in a very Creative way.

AdBurg is Owned by The Momentum the Canadian Famous Group since 2006.

AdBurg Advertising Displays and Stands are able to easily catch attention & deliver the Advertising Message in a Different and Creative way.

Our Interactive LED Displays and Interactive Multimedia Displays used as Interactive Advertising Displays and Body Tracking Technology that respond to your body movements in order to create an Interactive Advertising Space.

We Make Things Float !

Our Floating Advertising Display is an Anti Gravity Rotating Display using Magnetic Technology to Float any Real Product in a Magnetic Field.

Our Smart Interactive Mirror is a unique Advertising Display offering the latest technology in interactive picture where the user communicate through our Mirror.

Smart Glass is a Switchable Privacy Film based on a Switchable Glazing Technology that instantly changes your window from Transparent Window to Frosted Window creating 100% privacy by touching a remote control button.