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AdBurg produces the Smartest Advertising Displays and the most Innovative Merchandising Solutions that could be used for your Outdoor and your Indoor Advertising Campaigns in a very Creative way.

AdBurg is Owned by The Momentum the Canadian Famous Group since 2006.

  • More than 13 Years Experience in the Stand Advertising Industry.
  • More than 3,000 Square Meter Factory.
  • More than 30,000 successful application cases exported to over 120 countries.

Our Advertising Display Solutions 2019 are distributed into:


AdBurg Advertising Displays and Stands 2019 are able to easily catch attention & deliver the Advertising Message in a Different and Creative way.

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AdBurg Experts offer you the below Advertising Stand and Merchandising Display Services:

  • Free Consultancy on what is trending in the Advertising Display Business during 2019.
  • Free Consultancy how can you benefit from our Advertising and Merchandising Ideas 2019.
  • Graphic Simulation on how your Advertising Merchandising Campaign will look like by using our Advertising Stand and Display Technology 2019.
  • High Quality Production for your Advertising Stand and Display.
  • Fast Production Delivery for your Advertising Stand and Display.

We Make Things Float
We have developed multiple systems that are able to Levitate Objects.

What is a Smart Mirror?
A Smart Mirror consists of a transparent mirror and a screen behind the mirror.

Switchable Film capable of Adjusting Light Transmission between Transparent & Opaque using AC Power and a Remote Control.

Smart Glass Innovative Privacy Product
We have the professional smart glass and film application processed factory in Canada

We can supply you the longest film (one roll for 60 meter)

  • Milk White Color Smart Film
  • Black Color Smart Film
  • Grey Color Smart Film
  • Blue Color Smart Film
  • Green Color Smart Film
  • Red Color Smart Film

Our Auto-Spinning Rotary Globe (Our Unique Spinning Globe) is handcrafted from high-quality materials and is powered by Light & Torque from the Earth’s Magnetic field.

Our Self-Rotating Globe (Magic Rotating Globe) is a unique spinning globes combining power with No batteries required and no sloppy cords to detract from your enjoyment.

Our Awesome clients

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