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Our Floating Advertising Display (Magnetic Floating Display) is an Anti Gravity Rotating Display using Magnetic Technology to Float any Real Product in a Magnetic Field.

We Design and Prototype

We Design and Prototype by using our Levitation Technology to Float any Products.
Our Levitation Technology uses repelling magnets combined with sophisticated electronics to keep floating objects in specific position.
Our patented technology enables any object to float in the air (Levitate Objects).

  • Float any Bottle
  • Float any Shoe
  • Float any Car
  • Float any Clock
  • Float any Eyeglass
  • Float any Shape
Smart Advertising Displays

Magnetic Floating Display (Magnetic Levitating Display) is a custom made product and one of the best tools to uplift products in the Stores shelf supporting POS campaigns.

With carrying loads ranging from less than 500 grams up to 10 kilograms, we are always able to supply a module that suits your idea or project.

You can Float any Product into the Air by using our Magnetic Floating Display (Magnetic levitating Display).

Our Magnetic Levitation Display (Magnetic Suspension) is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than the Magnetic field and the Magnetic pressure.

Our Product Features

  • Electromagnetic Technology
  • Permanent Levitating
  • Auto Rotating 360 degree System
  • Environmental Friendly