Smart LED Advertising Displays 2019 are composed of Interactive LED Displays and Interactive Multimedia Displays used as Interactive Advertising Displays and Body Tracking Technology that respond to your body movements in order to create an Interactive Advertising Space.

Why AdBurg is an important Partner to your Advertising Campaign.

  • Firstly, we provide you with Free Marketing Consultancy.
  • Secondly, we produce Unique Advertising Displays.
  • Thirdly, we produce Innovative Advertising Displays.
  • Fourthly, we produce High Quality Advertising Displays.

And most importantly, it is said that people tend to remember 90% of what they see when AdBurg produces its Smart Advertising Display.

Smart Led Idea

Animated LED Wheel Light (Wheel Lighting) is a Programmable LED Wheel Light for Cars and Bicycles with a Custom Size (20 Inches & Above)

The Smart Animated LED Wheel Light creates stunning hologram images and animations within a bicycle wheel.

The LED Wheel Display fills the bike wheel and is visible from both sides.

The LED Wheel Light is waterproof and durable and is designed for professional use including marketing and advertising applications.

video name tag
Smart Led Idea

LED Video Name Tag (Authentic OLED Video Badge) is a Programmable Video Name Tag Badge that grab attention in trade shows and events.

A lightweight Portable Digital Video Name Tag (Dynamic Name Tag) for Events, Retail, Hospitality & Personal applications with 4-5 hours continuous play.

led Screen
Smart Led Idea

Dynamic LED Video Display 2019 (LED Screen) for any size or shape is ideal for digital signage and advertising where viewers are usually at a distance from the screen.

Smart Led Idea

 Animated LED Furniture (Furniture Light) is a Custom Shape Furniture with RGB Lighting.

LED Furniture (Animated Furniture) makes your event stand out from all others.

Furniture LED (Glow Furniture) can add light and color in a fun to your Place.
 (Illuminated Furniture) glows in the dark and can change colors as you desire

smart led parking sensor
Smart Led Idea

LED Parking Lot Detector

 (Parking Space Occupancy Sensor) is a ceiling-mounted ultrasonic sensor used for precise vehicle detection in indoor parking garages.

The sensor transmits the parking space availability information in real-time to the system that represents the number of free parking spaces on LED screens.


  • High Quality
  • Super Bright RGB
  • LED Colors (Family – yellow, Handicapped – blue)
  • Daylight compatible LED
  • Quick Installation
  • Low Maintenance