Smart Glass 2019 (Smart Glass or Switchable Glass) is a Switchable Privacy Film (Smart Film) based on a Switchable Glazing Technology (Interactive Window Film) that instantly changes your window from Transparent Window to Frosted Window (Magic Window Film) creating 100% privacy by touching a remote control button. 

Smart Glass (Intelligent Glass) is the future of windows because the Smart Glass (Blackout Glass) controls heat and light intake, saves you energy costs and blocks UV rays

Smart Glass Innovative Privacy Product

We have the professional smart glass and film application processed factory in Canada

We can supply you the longest film (one roll for 60 meter)

  • Milk White Color Smart Film
  • Black Color Smart Film
  • Grey Color Smart Film
  • Blue Color Smart Film
  • Green Color Smart Film
  • Red Color Smart Film

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smart GLASS
Smart Advertising Displays

Switchable Smart Film (Smart Glass Window) is an Electronic Glass that changes the tint of any window by electrically aligning tiny particles in a thin film within the glass to keep out harsh sunlight and 95 % of the heat in its tinted state.

Smart Glass Technology (Smart Film) effectively blocks UV and infrared rays regardless of whether the glass is in its clear or tinted state, helping keep cars, planes, yachts, homes, offices and artwork cooler and protected.


Remote control the glass into transparent or opaque status at your demand, provide you controllable privacy and achieving high privacy protection and safety

The application is truly making “light moves with your heart” by adjusting the light as your own will, enhancing life experience.

Apply at different industries, such as building curtain wall, service window, smart home system, transport facility and so on.

SMART GLASS is used for

  • Light Adjustment
  • UV Blocking
  • Infrared Blocking
  • Advertising
  • Security


  • Good for partition space (Breaking the fixed space, making the environment rich and changeable, offer you exclusive space)
  • Provide Privacy Protection (Controllable Privacy) Replace the old style curtains, prevent others’ peeping, make the glass opaque for privacy protection
  • Used as a projection screen (Not just a piece of glass, but also a projection screen, show off your work anytime, anywhere in office)
  • Energy saving (Consume 5 Watt per SQM) Low energy consumption, power saving operation, blocking harmful rays in daily life-99%UV block
Privacy Smart Glass
Smart Advertising Displays

Switchable Privacy Glass products can be used in residential and commercial buildings alike.

As architects and designers explore the boundaries of Switchable Privacy Glass and turn conventional perspectives of glass on their head, it is expected that the market will continue to grow and expand into new and innovative uses of privacy glass.

Solar Smart Glass
Smart Advertising Displays

Solar Smart Glass offers unrivaled control of solar glare and has been shown to reduce the thermal transmittance through a glass facade.

Solar Smart Glass can be manually or automatically “tuned” to precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through a window.

While glass is a favored product for use in building facades; glare, solar heat gain and UV exposure can be problematic. This can often make the use of glass impractical resulting in the need to invest in expensive solar shading devices.

Black Out Smart Glass
Smart Advertising Displays

Black Out Smart Glass offers a complete black out effect and is the only glass product that offers complete privacy and light control at the flick of a switch.

This unique product offers 4 distinct states:

  • Clear (not 100% clear, to allow for film inter-layer)
  • Opaque
  • Solar (Tinted)
  • Black-Out

Black Out Smart Glass offers:

  • Greater than 99.4% visible light block
  • 100% UV protection
  • Controlled using range of wall switches, remote controls, movement sensors, light sensors or timers depending on each customer’s individual needs.

This Glass is the perfect solution for home cinemas or meeting rooms where on-screen presentations are made.